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On the 16th of February 2015, the 3CE team held its first Advisory Board Meeting with stakeholders from the academia, the government and industry present.

The 1st Advisory Board Meeting was held at Holiday Inn Hotel Nicosia. The main focus of the meeting was to secure the participation of invited members, agree on the role of the Advisory Board in the project and discuss on how the consultations for the project's activities will take place.  Representatives from the following organizations participated at the meeting and agreed to become permanent members of the Advisory Board:

  1. Ministry of Communications & Works
  2. Ministry of Education & Culture
  3. Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association
  4. Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism
  5. MTN Cyprus Ltd
  6. Frederick University
  7. University of Nicosia
  8. Department of Information Technology Services, Ministry of Finance
  9. Cyta
  10. Ministry of Justice and Public Order

The role of the 3CE Advisory Board, as envisaged by the Project Team and agreed during the meeting, is to bring together a number of relevant stakeholders that are related to the subject matter of the project, i.e. cybercrime, with the aim of providing guidance, support, and insights on the project's activities. It has been tasked with operating as:

  • An advisory body regarding cybercrime strategic issues
  • A forum for stakeholders that are active in the fight against cybercrime
  • A body that promotes the fight against cybercrime on a national level
  • A supporter for the 3CE project
  • A provider of innovative ideas and proposals regarding policy for the fight against cybercrime
  • A provider of suggestions regarding demographic groups within the Cyprus population that should be taken into account for cybercrime and network and information security research.

It is expected that the Advisory Board will share their experiences and remain active for the whole duration of the project.