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 CNTI – is a non-profit, non-governmental private organization governed by a Board of Directors. The operations of the organization are executed through four functional units:


  • The New Media Lab Unit concentrates on the role of new media and technology in bridging the educational, economic, political and other gaps in society by facilitating learning.


  • The Global Education Unit promotes and supports active global citizenship through local, European and global initiatives.


  • The Humanitarian Unit offers free legal and social advice to asylum seekers and recognized refugees as well as provides physiological support for victim of torture.


  • The Financial Unit is responsible for the financial management of the organization and of all projects.

Each Unit is coordinated and led by a Head who acts as supervisor of its team members, and reports to the President of the Board. The organization’s sources of funding derive from European Commission funds (currently ca. 50%), United Nations grants (currently ca. 17%, namely UNHCR and UNVFVT), from national research promotion agencies (currently ca. 10%), as well as from private sources, such as donations from companies and individuals (currently ca 23%). The main EC Directorates that provide funds to the organization are: Lifelong Learning Program, ICT, Europeaid and FP7.

The New Media Lab has secured 10 contracts directly related to safer internet and combating of Cybercrime. CyberEthics, the Cyprus Safer Internet Center (CSIC), is one of its largest and best-known projects with enormous national impact. Since 2006, it has secured 5 grants from the Safer Internet Program. It operates a combined Awareness Node, Hotline, and Helpline. Other contracts involved research (e.g., InetRisks, SimSafety, IdentifEye) exploiting virtual environments and augmented reality.

In its seven years of successful operation, the CSIC managed to bring into close cooperation all relevant and diverse national stakeholders including the Ministry of Finance, the Office of Combating Cybercrime of the Cyprus Police, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Education and Culture (and specifically the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute), the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), the Pancyprian Coordinating Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Children (PCCPWC), Microsoft Cyprus, several universities, the Youth Board of Cyprus and many others. Representatives from all the above participate in its national advisory board. It is an active member of EU KIDS ONLINE, Insafe, INHOPE and the Commonwealth Cyber Crime Initiative (CCI). It organized more than 20 national and international conferences in which total participants exceeded 4000. It also delivers workshops, trainings, and seminars to raise public awareness regarding online dangers, cybercrime, and safety.

Furthermore, the NML implements projects in multimedia education, mobile learning, and using new technologies to bridge physical (i.e., special needs), literacy, economic, and digital divides. It represented Cyprus in pan-European networks such as COST 219ter, COST 298, COST 2102. It has envisioned and implemented projects such as MobLang (focusing on language mobile learning), and e-Hoop (focusing on e-Inclusion and learning difficulties).


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