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On June 8, 2016, a public awareness event entitled “Digital Citizens & Cyber Crime” was organised by the 3CE consortium, under the responsibility of the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (CNTI), focusing on raising awareness on cybercrime identification and prevention along with reporting mechanisms available to the public.

The event was honored by the presence of Mr. Andreas Milonas, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, who provided a meaningful outline of the actions employed by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order in order to propose legislations and mechanisms that will better serve and protect the privacy of online users in Cyprus. These efforts have lately become mandatory considering the complexity of cybercrime and joint efforts are required in order to mitigate the nefarious consequences of cybercrime activities on citizens and the industry. A welcome speech was also given by Dr. Andreas Efstathiou, Deputy Dean of the European University Cyprus.

The agenda of the event was assiduously designed to include topics that could sufficiently respond to the needs of university students who was the main target group of the event. In this line, distinguished speakers from the broader field of internet safety, information security and cybercrime prevention were invited to provide their insight with regards to the cybercrime prevalence in Cyprus and inform the audience on simple measures which could improve their safety while exploring the internet.