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The Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (OCECPR) is an independent regulatory authority of the Republic of Cyprus in matters of electronic communications and postal services, with additional responsibilities in the areas of terminal equipment, network and information security and protection of critical information infrastructures. It has been designated as the body responsible for coordinating the implementation of the National Cybersecurity Strategy of the Republic of Cyprus, which concerns the pillars of network and information security (cybersecurity), cybercrime, cyberdefence and related external affairs. OCECPR represents Cyprus at the Management Board of ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) and acts as the central link of communication and coordination in Cyprus with the Agency. As part of these responsibilities, assists in the exchange of information between the competent authorities, stakeholders and consumers in the Cyprus with the competent services of the European Union, regarding issues and activities relating to network and information security.

OCECPR is responsible for the creation and coordination of a body or bodies for response to incidents related to Network and Information Security (CSIRTs - Computer Security Incident Response Teams or CERTs - Computer Emergency Response Teams) in Cyprus. It also supervises and regulates the activity of the above CSIRT / CERT entities.

OCECPR, with secondary legislation, sets minimum standards for the security of public networks and networks that offer electronic communications services to third parties, and monitors the level of implementation of relevant organisational, procedural and technical measures. It is also responsible for receiving security breach notifications, related to the networks and personal data of the consumers, and disseminating them as deemed necessary for national level cooperation, but also to other Member States of the European Union, ENISA and the European Commission.

It also advises the Minister of Communications for strategic issues in the field of network and information security, including the protection of Critical Information Infrastructure and coordinates the implementation of measures for the implementation of the policy of the state, and informing stakeholders and the public on security-related issues.